Mikoto always exists in a happy place, full of thank yous

Thank you for the invitation.
Thank you for coming by.
Thank you for coming to enjoy my food.

Imagine the sheer happiness you experience as a host
when you serve great cuisine and all the people can't
say enough thank yous. It is with this experience in
mind that Mikoto creates their tableware.

Japanese beauty and Japanese spirit

By having the pattern change on the front and back,
sometimes spilling over to the other side, you are left
to imagine the invisible. Mikoto celebrates this
mysterious beauty and spirit of Japanese culture.

Messages and stories in the tableware

A peony wards off evil spirits, chrysanthemum and
sho-chiku-bai (pine, bamboo and plum, together an
auspicious grouping) are the symbol of eternal youth
and longevity, and the moon is said to bring good luck.

Japanese people have long placed their wishes, of
happiness and good health, on kimonos, in tableware
and in other implements. Such a wish is contained in
Mikoto’s tableware.

Certain changes that will take place for tableware
containing silver or gold

Pure silver is used for most of Mikoto tableware.
The silver oxidizes on contact with air. Over time,
this change in color gives it a subtle antique effect.

Custom-made tableware

You can create a one-of-a-kind piece for that someone
special in mind. Choose the shape, colors and patterns
that carry significance for them. This is the great
advantage of handcrafted products. We accept single
item orders.

We repair your tableware!

Damages such as the peeling off of gold or silver on
the surface, cracks or chips can be repaired. When you
buy from us, you can have the peace of mind knowing
that your favorite tableware will be cherished and
enjoyed for many years to come. Sustainability is a core
value at Mikoto.

*Depending on the amount of damage, we may not be
able to fully repair the piece.

In a sense, all tableware presents upon itself
“a little bit of life”, which is why you should choose Mikoto.

Mikoto literary means beautiful life in Japanese. Life is
inochi in Japanese and the kanji (Chinese character) has
two readings inochi and mikoto.

All creatures on earth are given life through others. God
dwells in all things. Therefore, there is a little of
everything within all of us. We will forever be grateful for
all precious lives.

Mikoto is the name for Japanese deities, or kami. This is
the name given only to deities having a mission. It is
believed that the kami lives in all things. Japanese people
offer their appreciation and pray for the kami in trees,
mountains and the moon. We want to inherit the Japanese

Inochi and mikoto must be valued. This is why we
named our tableware ‘Saucers of Life, Mikoto’.