Akemi Sasaki
Mikoto Producer / Designer

For a long time I worked as an editor of books and magazines.
I always enjoyed visiting pottery shops and markets. However,
over time I found it hard to find my favorite one. I thought to
myself, “Then I will make it!”. And that is how I started Mikoto.
In addition, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was wondering
whether or not I should carry on as I was. 

I don’t blunge clay, nor do I paint. I ask pottery to form, and
ask a painter to paint. I come up with and propose the concept,
theme and design. Then I instruct the ceramicist and painters.
That’s how Mikoto’s tableware are made.

To make the tableware using a special combination of skills from
a variety of professions. This method is exactly the same way
books and magazines are made. “So, even I can make pottery!”
It was 2004 when I took the first step.

Mikoto is like my daughter for me. Whenever customers buy
Mikoto’s tableware, I am silently grateful for my daughter’s
marriage. To create tableware with my feelings of joy and a
little loneliness of the marriage, I would like to cherish that.